Add on- Botanic Wonders Specialty Soil Mix - 6" Pot

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Ever worry about purchasing a bare root plant and not having soil ready!? Well now you don't have to. We have made our very own mix of soil, perfect for the plants we sell, available for purchase! Now you can order a plant, pot, AND the soil, all in one order! It is the exact mix we use here, so no need to worry about the plant having to adjust to a different soil mix. We are currently offering three different sizes, enough to fill a 3.5", 5", and a 6" pot! See other listings for different sizes! Mix has 270 day slow release fertilizer and is ready to plant!


3.25" pot, 13oz, can fill approx. 2-2inch pots

5" pot, 2lb, can fill approx. 2-3.5" pots

6" pot, 3.5lb, can fill approx. 4-3.5" pots