Operculicarya decaryi 6" Pot C - Unusual tripe-trunk specimen!

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Incredible Operculicarya decaryi specimen, 8-12 years old from seed produced here at Botanic Wonders Nursery. We take pride in our stock plants that we harvest seed from, having spent years carefully selecting the knobbiest genetics to produce the very best seedlings, generation after generation. Our plants are grown hard, in small pots out in the full sun with minimal water. We have found this to produce the hardiest specimens with the most character. If you are looking for an instant show piece, you can't go wrong with any of the plants from this group. Growing in a 6" pot, you will receive the exact plant pictured. Each one will have thick roots that can be raised or left buried, depending on the desired look.

 ***This specimen appears to have 3 separate trunks growing from a single root stock, although it is possible a root was damaged at some point in the distant future, causing separate root stocks. We will not know until the plant is barerooted. 



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